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Selling stuff and making stuff

I'm feeling a little better generally since the last post (although my stomach has been upset for like a week now O_o; it's super weird.) I got my extension form in before the deadline but I still haven't actually heard back... still a bit unmotivated to work because of it really but I guess hey, I'm either not passing at all or I have 6 months left to get it done. No massive rush currently.

Not sure how many people on my friends list are still interested in loli clothing, but just in case thought I'd post in here that I've updated my sales page on photobucket ^^

There's lots of brand items there so if you're at all interested in j-fashion have a look :)

Also I've been working on another papier mache doll, which is the first time I've done any serious artwork in more than 12 months. Obviously it's not perfect but with paint, hair and clothing I think she's going to look pretty cool:


So... life is distracting...

I knew I hadn't posted anything in here for a good while, but I really didn't think it was more than 4 months...!

Life has been happening and generally I've been pretty busy either legitimately with paid!work, or uni work, or other miscellaneous work like things for my sister's recent wedding, or playing WoW. (Speaking of sister's wedding, belated LJ mention of it! She was married on the 31st of December woo!! :D it all went brilliantly and was gorgeous, and she was the most exquisite bride and couldn't wipe the smile off her face all day, and I sang at the ceremony and DIDN'T FUCK UP YESSSS, so yay! Wedding!)
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And now off to try and re-draft my exegesis again before I have scheduled rated PvP tonight (last time we tried this people gave up after like 2 losses, so maybe that won't eat into my homework time much anyway). *HUGS TO LJ PEOPLE*

Nom nom

Woo! Just finished the first trawl through my completed rough draft of the novel. I think it seems pretty decent, and my 2 supervisors both seem to agree. The pacing of the ending still needs a little bit of work, but overall for a first draft I'm happy! 68,000 words of decent seems like a good first effort to me. Now, to edit and edit and edit and edit until my brain melts, and get this baby ready for some readers who aren't so 'close' to it and can give me some more objective critique!

Also, I just noticed Original Source showergels in our supermarket... I've never seen them before but I guess they're a UK brand that makes a whole lot of toiletries and such. They were on special so we bought a couple to try and OMG. They are the most delicious smelling things! Better smelling even than Lush IMO (though not as eco-friendly I imagine)... but definitely worth a try if you like yummy scented bath stuffs. The smell lingers on your skin really well also after you rinse it off.

The lime one smells like really good lime sorbet. The mint and tea tree one smells EXACTLY like the mint filling from cadbury peppermint chocolate... it even has the same colour and texture. I bet lamingtonqueen would especially like it since that chocolate is one of her favourites :D

In other news, my 25 man downed heroic Dreamwalker today, but LK is still give us mega headaches. It's really frustrating. Raid seems to have like no stamina, and after the first couple of hours everyone is tired and pretty useless, and the dumb mistakes start creeping in big time :(

I also played Starcraft II through, and I thought it was pretty cool... I enjoyed it, although the levels sometimes got a bit repetitive. I DO think it's really dodgy that they're releasing each race's campaign as a different game though! I didn't even realise that until I started playing it, and then I was like 'this Terran campaign is going on a bit long... ?' and then finally got to the end of the last level and the CREDITS ROLLED WUT. So sadface :(


I was looking in the milk aisle today and I decided that for once, I would splash out and get some non-reduced fat strawberry yoghurt, just to make my attempts to lose some weight even less succesful :P
I can't even remember the last time I had full fat yoghurt. It's one of those things in my house that we just buy the low-fat version by default, like milk. AND OH MY GOD... IT IS AMAAAAZING! I may be hooked. It's so weird to have yoghurt with actual... body! And full of creamy deliciousness!

In other news, I am still buried up to my eyebrows in World of Warcraft, so only my forehead is free to do something actually useful with its life. Go forehead! Be free!
Having such limited time (since I'm still working 2 days full time at the law firm) is making me generally more productive on my thesis though. It's like in year 12 - I was in two choirs, two basketball teams, coaching a year 7 basketball team myself, doing singing lessons, tutoring a little girl from the junior school, playing (I think at that stage it was Morrowind - but some game, anyway) obsessively, and squeezing in visits to a boyfriend in between... and I was probably the most productive I've ever been in my actual school work. Panic that you won't have time to get something done = great motivator!

My draft is just about to creep over 60,000 words, so it's expanded quite a lot. I'm getting into serious freaking out stage though because I have only 8 months or so to go, and I really have to get this draft done and apply to be upgraded to a phd with enough time to finish my master's exegesis and polish up half the draft into a master's thesis IF I don't get accepted to turn it into a phd. So I feel like realistically I have two months. Maaaybe time to drop a couple of raids and actually start doing some work....

I'll finish up with a pic of our bun, who is now what - if I posted about her arriving in late may she must be around 15/16 weeks old or so. Her ear still hasn't finished falling over and I'm wondering if it actually will, since it's very determinedly up as you can see in this pic at nearly 4 months:

Aww :) She's a bit of a stinker sometimes (digging in her litter box, sleeping in her litter box so she ends up literally a stinker, trying to EAT her towel bedding so I ended up having to take it out and throw it away... D:) but who could resist that face? :)

P.S.: I am sort of leaving full on lolita, and just hanging onto my more favourite and casual-able pieces except for a few amazing ones I can't bear to let go of. I don't know who watches this LJ who might be keen, but you never know :) The sales gallery is here and the guest password is meowmeow

I don't know...

you are darkgoldenrod

Your dominant hues are red and yellow... most of what you do is motivated by your need to change things and have a good time, but you've been known to settle down and think out a situation, too. You tend to surprise people just when they're starting to feel like they've got you down.

Your saturation level is high - you get into life and have a strong personality. Everyone you meet will either love you or hate you - either way, your goal is to get them to change the world with you. You are very hard working and don't have much patience for people without your initiative.

Your outlook on life is brighter than most people's. You like the idea of influencing things for the better and find hope in situations where others might give up. You're not exactly a bouncy sunshine but things in your world generally look up.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

Hrmmm I don't know :( I tried it three times, got three different results and I don't think any of them were very accurate :/ I don't see how I got this result with the things I checked either >__

Blatherings about clothes, food and possibly my first ever fantasy story...

For the last six months or so my wardrobe of choice has been one of Chris' shirts and my same old pair of jeans for all uni and social stuff. This is pretty ridiculous given the bulging wardrobe of interesting clothing I have, so I've been making vague motions towards dressing interestingly again.

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I have also been cooking a lot more recently, but I won't spam a bunch of random meal pics. Just a couple of things I was really happy with!!

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The wonderful jasonfischer (who Nett told me to friend in an effort to get to know some other Adelaide writers, and who very kindly accepted) has been talking about juvenilia recently... I guess writing that you produced during your developmental years XD
I'm still well in my developmental years as a writer, I think, and I haven't been published or anything, but it still inspired me to have a look last time I was at Mum's place for some of my old composition books from primary school.
And I *might* have found the first ever fantasy story I wrote - not sure, because most of the primary school books have gone walkabout somehow. But I was ten when I created this work of genius:

(abridged version because there's a really random intro segment with 'Kirsty' doing shopping, and in the middle like a half-page about the character eating dinner and playing Yogi Bear on the sega mega drive. Random grammar left intact. I was fond of people SCREAMING things as well.

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11 reasons to play Fallout 3...

I've been playing this game SO MUCH lately - I've finished it a couple of times before, but when I reformatted my computer I lost my old save game and hadn't really tinkered with Fallout 3 again since then... until now lol! I'm amazed how fun it is even starting from scratch and redoing a lot of content. Because I'm a scarily enormous geek for the heck of it, I put together a few screenshots explaining why I love it sooo... 

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Plus, there's no way to screenshot this one, but the soundtrack is rocking - lots of 40s and 50s music, things like A Wonderful Guy and Easy Living. I never get sick of listening to the game music, which is saying a lot since it's normally the first thing I turn off.

The Game of the Year edition is coming out on October 13th, which includes all the add on packs. I don't have any of them, just the vanilla game, so I am SO getting it. I believe it's $60US in the states, not sure what it will be out here. NO MATTER. Even if it's $100AU that would still be super decent, considering its the regular game + I think 6 expansion packs? If you're looking for something to play and haven't tried Fallout 3 yet, DO CONSIDER IT :D

AMAZING a'cappella MJ medley...

Dunno if you guys have seen it, I just yanked it from lainy122's livejournal post because it's SO IMPRESSIVE OMG. It's basically 6 versions of the same guy (who has a really good voice which sounds actually quite a lot like Michael Jackson) + a friend, who does a bit of backup and made the video - and they do this really awesome, perfectly blended medley of Michael Jackson songs.

The beginning is a tiny bit lacklustre but it gets better and better as they go, so keep watching XD